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To get the greatest educational value from their lessons, students should attend each weekly lesson. For the occasional unavoidable conflict, we guarantee one makeup lesson in the fall semester and two in the spring. Please provide 24 hours advance notice for any cancellations. The summer semester is more flexible - please see our Summer Policy for more information.

Throughout the school year, there are several holidays for which lessons are optional.

Lessons may be offered at your teacher’s discretion on the following holidays, however you may opt to reschedule without the lesson counting as a makeup, or skip the lesson without it counting toward tuition:

  • Spring 2016 (January 4th - June 24th)
  • January 18th, Martin Luther King Day
  • February 15th, President's Day
  • March 21st - 25th, Spring Recess
  • May 30th, Memorial Day
  • Fall 2016 (September 6th - December 23rd)
  • October 3rd - 4th, Rosh Hashana
  • October 12th, Yom Kippur
  • November 24th - 25th, Thanksgiving Recess

The semester calendar is based on the Cherry Hill, Haddonfield and Voorhees school district calendars (found at, and respectively).

Teacher Cancellations/Inclement Weather

Music is a language, and consistent immersion is essential to progress. We ask our teachers to limit their cancellations, and to reschedule cancelled lessons whenever possible. If a teacher must cancel a lesson and you are unable to reschedule the lesson, your teacher will notify the office and a credit will be applied to the following month’s tuition. In the event of inclement weather, teachers may need to cancel lessons for their safety. If you are not able to schedule a makeup lesson before the end of the semester, a credit will be issued.