Sheena H.

Paul has been our children's piano teacher for the past two years. We feel that he is the ideal teacher: a combination of kind, encouraging, with high expectations mixed with a powerfully adept musical mind. Our boys enjoy their piano lessons - they often ask when Paul is coming! - and they have learned an incredible amount in a short amount of time. He really listens to the boys and picks music or even writes music out by hand that interests them. As a testament to how we feel about Paul, I have recommended him to a number of friends, with much success!

Rachael G.

Paul is an incredibly gifted musician and teacher. He started teaching our children over 4 years ago when our son was nine and our daughter was only four. Each lesson comprises a harmonious blend of piano fundamentals with popular music chosen by our children. The children look forward to their lessons each week, and have developed an outstanding rapport with Paul. Paul has an incredible ear for music. He is able to listen to a complex song and transcribe it into written music that our children are capable of learning. He is able to quickly discern each student’s learning style and then gear his lessons accordingly.

As a parent Paul is a delight to work with – he is able to accommodate almost every request we make with scheduling, no matter how odd or last minute. He regales us and the children with beautiful music before and after each lesson. We are amazingly fortunate to have found such an outstanding piano teacher for our children. We can’t wait for our youngest – now 3 years old – to be his next student!

Susan C.

Paul’s credentials speak for themselves but in our experience he has been able to impart his musicality, knowledge and technique in a precise and gentle manner to my 10 1/2 yr old son.

Paul has a wonderful rapport with Zachary, and Zachary looks forward to his weekly lessons. Paul has high standards and knows how to motivate his students or change course during the lesson to keep it fun and productive.

Furthermore he encourages young learners to explore all styles of music and write their own compositions if they so desire. I recommend Paul without reservation and I am pleased with the progress my son has exhibited over the last three years.

Jessica D.

Paul has been teaching Eliza and Max for two years. It was important to us that our children learn to play an instrument, read music, and most importantly, that they enjoy themselves. Paul is very skilled at keeping the kids' attention for the duration of their lesson and keeping them excited about the music they're learning to play. They are excited each week for Paul to come so they can show him what they have practiced all week, which is a testament to the enthusiasm he instills in them. We are so grateful that they have such a positive introduction to music.

Claire N.

Paul has been my two daughters’ piano teacher for several years. He is patient, kind, and positive in his teaching methods.

My 13 year old has been taking piano lessons since she was 3 years old, during which her interests and desires at the piano have waxed and waned. Paul has done a wonderful job keeping her interested. He is innovative and flexible with her lessons. Recently, Paul has given her more contemporary music as well as Billy Joel reflecting her teen interests, rekindling her desire to continue piano.

My 9 year old has been playing piano for 5 years. In addition to more traditional lessons, Paul helps her compose and write her own pieces to practice and to perform. She loves to hear her own inventions.

Because of Paul’s lessons, my girls can read music well. This has helped them in school with mandatory choir as well as in picking up other instruments. Both girls have had to play in the school band. My older daughter played clarinet and my younger is playing flute. This gave them a huge head start at school.

I highly recommend Paul as a piano teacher. His concerts at the end of the school year and at the holiday season are low stress events that give the students a time to shine regardless of their skill level. My girls have always had huge smiles on their faces after they performed their piece in public.

Lauren R.

I started working with Paul shortly after my retirement, about two years ago. In my view, Paul is an ideal instructor for an adult piano player. My background in music is extremely limited, having played the piano for about a year as a child. My long-term goal is to become a reasonably competent amateur piano player, and Paul directs me to pieces that resonate with me and are challenging but possible. What I looked for and found is someone to help me with nuances of technique. As an adult learner, I am also drawn to music theory, and Paul has helped me understand theory to the extent that it is useful and of interest to me. Not least of all, Paul is a fabulous musician, and his playing at a recent anniversary party at our home was the highlight of the event. I highly recommend Paul to any adult looking to begin or improve his or her piano playing.

Alexis S.

Paul is an absolutely wonderful piano instructor. He is warm, kind, patient, flexible, creative, and able to engage and challenge my son who is only 7. We continue to be impressed by him and couldn't be happier with our son's progress!

Jared P.

I highly recommend Paul as a music teacher for you or your children. Paul is a gifted and accomplished piano player in his own right in addition to being an inspiring and technically competent teacher.

Paul is absolutely passionate about music. His love for the art is evident in his enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques. He is exceedingly patient with all students, encouraging them and coaxing the very best effort from each.

My two sons, ages 10 and 13, have taken piano lessons from Paul for the last 4 years. Paul came in behind a well-liked instructor that the boys had begun lessons with and was able to quickly and easily establish a rapport, making the transition virtually seamless. Over the years, under Paul's tutelage, I have seen their interest in playing the piano increase. I love when they spontaneously sit down at the piano to play for the sheer enjoyment of it or demonstrate their skills to visiting family and friends!

They have made steady progress in their musical skills, largely attributed to Paul's teaching methods. As with most people, my boys have very different personalities and learning styles. Paul has been able to address this by personalizing their lesson plans. He has composed pieces specifically for them and has slanted the curriculum to address their unique interests, abilities, and learning styles - all while insisting on technical competence. A specific example of this is my younger son's interest in jazz and pop music. Paul has woven his interests into a portion of the lesson making it fun and instructional. No lesson is a rote lesson and I feel that is Paul's greatest strength.

Paul also gives students an opportunity to showcase their talents by organizing bi-annual recitals. On several occasions, under Paul's guidance and assistance, the boys have composed pieces to perform. I feel that being involved in the composition process and the experience of performing in front of an audience makes them well-rounded musicians and gives them a great sense of accomplishment.

I find Paul to be very flexible and accommodating when conflicts with scheduling arise. He is always pleasant, respectful, and courteous. We recently purchased a new piano and called upon Paul to help us make the final selection as we consider Paul to be a trusted expert in all things piano.

I am tremendously grateful to Paul for everything he has taught my sons and the joy their music has brought to our family. If you are looking for a true professional, I give Paul my highest recommendation.